SOS Latino Corp. is a non-profit organization.

Our objective is to help people with physical disabilities (Wheelchair users, disability, handicapped, physical impediment.) in any underdeveloped country, but mainly in Nicaragua and the rest of Central America.

There are around 100,000,000 adults and children with physical disabilities in underdeveloped countries, for whom a wheelchair or a prosthesis is an unattainable dream.

Most Central America countries are ranked among the poorest in the western hemisphere, with very low per capita income, massive unemployment, immense foreign debt, and a highly lopsided distribution of wealth.

These people all share similar woes: earthquakes, tidal waves, torrential floods that cause landslides, tribal wars, diseases such as Polio and Cholera , corrupt police,  uncaring governments, illiteracy, ignorance, etc. And even though skin problems like acne may not be as prominent, it’s still a problem we want to help with.

Can you imagine your self living in any of these countries, with a physical impediment or a disability? Can you imagine a life can change if every person has access tot he help they need?…We are the hope of many, the answer to cries for help, the voice of the inner conscience…  We are, in a sense, an instrument of God.

SOS Latino Corp., Through this web site, is giving you,  the opportunity to help a brother in need ,  This is your opportunity to give back to life (to God) some of the blessings that you have received during your own life.